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Ander Etxaniz Altube



In the love-hate relationship I have developed with painting I compile layers, forms and colours. On this foundation, the elements overlap gradually, readjusting and familiarising with each other. A relationship develops between the different, they harmonise with each other or clash.

However, it is important that different elements (colours, forms and layers) remain distinctive so they don’t lose their nature.


Chaos makes its appearance the moment layers appear and pile up one next to each other. Concerning the relationship between layers, we can perceive sharp cuts. The Sharp contrast between two colours allows me to discern the relationship between them, a happening. Then, I recognise a thousand paintings within one. This makes me wonder: How am I to compose all of this? And so, I comprehend the only way to answer this question is to confront the painting itself.


In the midst of the tree leaves, in the order within chaos, that’s where I want to be.


2015-2016 Painting Postgraduate. EHU-UPV, Bilbao.

2013-2014 Erasmus Scholarship in Athens (Greece). 
"Ανωτάτη Σχολή Καλών Τεχνών (ΑΣΚΤ)"/ "Athens School of Fine Arts" (ASFA).

2010-2015 Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. EHU-UPV, Bilbao.



2016 "Ispiluak izaraz estali". Ernest Lluch Cultural Center, Donostia / San Sebastian. 



2020  "Ander & Veronika" with Veronika Bezdenejnykh at Nectar, Brussels.
2017 "Ago-Txilci" with Luz Estefanía. General Assembly of Bizkaia, Bilbao.


2016 "GetxoArte 2016".
2016 Work selected for the Hotel Carlton exhibition.
2016 "300 gr. de luz y sombras". Poca Gallery, Portugalete.
2016 "Desirada". Sala Araba, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
2016 "Hoy no es lo mismo". Civivox Iturrama, Iruñea / Pamplona.

2015 "Painting Postgraduate student's exhibition". Sala Araba, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
2015 AE15. Assembly hall EHU/UPV, Bilbao.

2014 Work exhibited in "B studio" ("Εργαστήριο B") Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Athens.


2016-2017 Flamantes libro de artistas #5. Art magazine.


General Assembly of Bizkaia.









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